Computer Science

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Certification in Computer Science for High School

Students seeking certification in computer science only or computer science and math are required to have credit with a grade of at least C- in the content courses listed below. These are in addition to the UTeach courses in the Professional Development Sequence.

Students in the Computer Science Teaching Option should see the teaching degree plans.

IMPORTANT: Access to computer science courses is restricted to majors. See the Computer Science Undergraduate Admissions page for more details.

Students working on a single field computer science certification must complete a minimum of twenty-four semester hours of computer science courses with a grade of at least a C- in each course. The following courses (or their equivalents) are required:

Content courses for high school computer science certification

  • Complete Calculus sequence
  • CS 312 Introduction to Programming
  • CS 311 Logic, Sets, and Functions
  • CS 314 Data Structures
  • CS 429 Computer Organization and Architecture
  • WeTeach CS Foundations, Online Course
  • One of the following courses:
    • CS 331 Algorithms and Complexity
    • CS 343 Artificial Intelligence
    • CS 347 Data Management
    • CS 439 Principles of Computer Systems
    • CS 345 Programming Languages
    • CS 354 Computer Graphics
    • CS 370 Undergraduate Research and Reading
  • Sufficient course work to reach 24 hours total