Computer Science

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Certification in Computer Science for High School

Students seeking certification in computer science are required to have credit with a grade of at least C- in the content courses listed below. These are in addition to the UTeach courses in the Professional Development Sequence.

Students in the Computer Science Teaching Option should see the teaching degree plans.


Required Courses in Computer Sciences

In addition to an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, certifiction requires the completion of WeTeach, an online course focusing on CS skills in the context of secondary teaching and required State Standards for educators. Students usually take this course during their Apprentice Teaching semester.

Second Certification in Mathematics

After completing certification in Computer Science, many educators choose to certify in Mathematics. UTeach recommends the following courses in preparation for being an effective educator at all levels of secondary math.

M 315C (Foundations, Functions, and Regression Models) -- Restricted to UTeach students. Let your UTeach advisor know if you are interested in taking this course.

M 333L (Structure of Modern Geometry)

M 375D (Mathematics as Problem Solving, Fall only)


IMPORTANT: Access to computer science courses is restricted to majors. See the Computer Science Undergraduate Admissions page for more details.

PDS courses count toward the minor/certificate for the BSA. Effective with the 2016-2018 catalog, the courses can also be added to the audit for any degree plan. Talk to your UTeach advisor for details.

Courses for Computer Science certification partially satisfy requirements for secondary certification in the State of Texas. Further coursework is needed to meet degree requirements. Students in the Computer Science Teaching Option should see the teaching degree plans