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Certification in Mathematics for High School

Students who are seeking senior grades certification in mathematics are required to have credit with a grade of at least C- in the content courses listed below. These are in addition to the UTeach courses in the Professional Development Sequence.

Students in the Math Teaching Option should see the teaching degree plans.

Students working on a single field mathematics certification must complete a minimum of twenty-four semester hours of mathematics courses. The following courses (or their equivalents) are required:

Content math courses for high school math certification

  • Complete calculus sequence
  • M 315C (Foundations, Functions and Regression Models)
  • M 325K (Discrete Mathematics) or M328K (Intro to Number Theory)
  • M 333L (Structure of Modern Geometry)
  • M 341 (Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory) or M 340L (Matrices and Matrix Calculations)
    • M 341 is restricted to math majors
    • Non-math majors take M 340L
  • M 358K (Applied Statistics)
  • M 362K (Probability I)
  • M 375D (Discovery: Intro Adv Std in Math) -- FALL ONLY
    • or M 343K (Intro Alg Struc) or M 373K (Alg Structures)