Physical Science

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Certification in Physical Science for High School

Students who are seeking certification in physical science are required to have credit with a grade of at least C- in the content courses listed below. These are in addition to the UTeach courses in the Professional Development Sequence.

Students in any of the Science Teaching Options should see the teaching degree plans.

Important: The courses below may have pre-requisites. Check the course schedule for details.

  • Mathematics
    • complete calculus sequence
  • Chemistry
    • introductory lectures and lab (usually 8 hours)
    • Physical chemistry
    • Analytical chemistry
  • Physics
    • 12 semester hours of calculus-based introductory physics including labs, demonstrating knowledge of the following:
      • mechanics
      • electricity and magnetism
      • wave motion and optics
    • Modern Physics (usually PHY 453 or PHY 355)
    • 3 hours of upper-division Physics (must be approved in advance)