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Students who are seeking certification in mathematics and physics are required to have credit with a grade of at least C- in the content courses listed below. These are in addition to the UTeach courses in the professional development sequence. Required courses may have prerequisites. See the Course Schedule for details.

Students in any of the Science or Mathematics Teaching Options should see the teaching degree plans.

  • Mathematics
    • complete calculus sequence
    • M 315C Foundations, Functions, and Regression Models
    • M 375D: Discovery, Introduction to Advanced Mathematics (fall only)
      • Students with a C- or better in M 326K or M 360M have met this requirement.
    • M 427K Advanced Calculus for Applications I
    • M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II
    • M 325K Discrete Math
    • M 333L Structure of Modern Geometry
    • M 341 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
      • Students with a C- or better in M340L prior to beginning UTeach have met this requirement
    • M 362K Probability I
    • M 358K Applied Statistics
  • Physics
    • lower division sequence including:
      • mechanics, electricity and magnetism, wave motion and optics
    • upper division physics
      • PHY 355 (Modern Physics and Thermodynamics)
      • PHY 353L (Modern Physics Laboratory)
      • 3 courses from the following list:
        • PHY 329 (Intro to Computational Physics)
        • PHY 336K (Classical Dynamics )
        • PHY 338K (Electronic Techniques)
        • PHY 333 (Modern Optics) 
        • PHY 352K (Classical Electrodynamics) 
        • PHY 373 (Quantum Mechanics)
        • SCI 365 (Physics by Inquiry)