Step 2 Mentor Teacher Feedback Forms

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Step 2 Feedback and Evaluation Forms

Mentor teachers are the heart of the UTeach program.  We very much appreciate the efforts of the talented educators who support UTeach students.

Below, you will find the feedback and evaluation forms that Mentor Teachers fill out for the UTeach teachers, as described in the Step 2 Mentor Teacher Expectations

Lesson feedback forms are filled out at the time of the lesson. A copy is given to the UTeach teacher, either in hard copy or electronically. These forms are important as students read and reflect on them before the next teach. They also provide evidence that students have taught each lesson, a requirement for passing the course.

Step 2 Lesson Feedback Form

Final Evalutation forms are completed for each UTeach teacher in the classroom (not each team). The forms should be returned to the UTeach office as soon as possible after the completion of all required lessons. Upon receipt of the final evaluations, the payment process for Mentor Teachers can begin. 

Step 2 Final Evaluation Form