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How do I access the UTeach Portfolio?

1. Navigate to the Preliminary Portfolio system: https://portfolio.uteach.utexas.edu 

Once you're logged in, you'll see the "My Home" menu. Drop that down to find the portfolio that has been assigned to you.

UTeach Portfolio

IMPORTANT: A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is a prerequisite for Apprentice Teaching. Students without a passing score will not be cleared to register for EDC 651S or UTS 170. This prerequisite is firm and there is no appeal. 

Spring 2020 Deadline:

Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

The UTeach Portfolio is an assignment through which UTeach students demonstrate that they meet specific teaching proficiencies and exhibit mastery in subject matter knowledge. In building a portfolio, students reflect on their experiences and select specific artifacts to support the conclusions reached in the reflection, which articulates important concepts in secondary math, science, and engineering education.

You’ll be introduced to the Portfolio project in Step 1 and Step 2 (UTS 101 and UTS 110). You'll add documents and ideas to the portfolio every semester, building toward the preliminary portfolio as you go through both UTeach and content courses

All-in-One Preliminary Portfolio

Starting in the Fall of 2017, all students submit the same preliminary portfolio: Preliminary Portfolio V3 2017. If you don't see that portfolio when you log in, send an email to the Portfolio Administrator with your UT EID.

Under "Content Knowledge," submit the proficiencies labeled "ALL" and those sections covered by your certification area. For example, if you're certifying in math and physics, submit the science and the math sections.

Everything About the Preliminary Portfolio

Portfolio FAQ: General information about the portfolio project.

Portfolio Evidence and Artifacts: Description of artifacts and evidence to use.

Portfolio Proficiencies: Complete description of portfolio proficiencies for the preliminary portfolio.

Portfolio Writing and Selectivity: Tips on writing, choosing your artifacts, and revising.

Portfolio Rubric: Rubric used by evaluators to review your portfolio.

Troubleshooting: Tips for navigating the electronic portfolio.

For Evaluators: Information for the education professionals who evaluate UTeach student portfolios.

Due Dates

The due date for the preliminary portfolio will be posted as soon as possible each fall and spring semester. It will also be included in the UTeach calendar.

Getting Help

UTeach faculty, content faculty, and mentor teachers are all resources to help you develop your portfolio.  Talk to them about the proficiencies, about writing reflections and possibilities for evidence. The College of Natural Sciences Career Services Center is also available to help you with your cover letter and résumé. The University Writing Center can help with the reflections. You don't even have to have a draft first. The consultants in the UGW are trained to help you get started with brainstorming. If you still need help, contact the Portfolio Administrator. Please be sure to include your UT EID. Including the following information is helpful: browser and error message, plus a brief description of what you were trying to do (upload a document, submit a reflection, etc.).

Final Portfolio

A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is one of the prerequisites for admission to Apprentice Teaching (EDC 651S and UTS 170). The preliminary portfolio must be submitted by the due date in the semester prior to Apprentice Teaching. Students will be given permission to register for EDC 651S and UTS 170 before the scores are finalized. These courses are audited after the due date and students without a passing score will be dropped, delaying their student teaching by at least one semester. There are no exceptions to this requirement and no extensions will be given for the portfolio itself or for revisions.

The final portfolio, produced during the Apprentice Teaching semester, further develops the skills of the preliminary portfolio. Requirements for the final portfolio are more extensive than for the preliminary portfolio and there is an expectation of greater depth, maturity, and competence at this level, as students are preparing to launch their careers as professionals. You will receive separate instructions in your Apprentice Teaching semester.  Review the Final Portfolio Information to see the framework you will be responsible for completing during the Apprentice Teaching semester.