Portfolio FAQ

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Preliminary Portfolio FAQ

IMPORTANT: A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is a prerequisite for Apprentice Teaching. Students without a passing score will not be cleared to register for EDC 651S or UTS 170. This prerequisite is firm and there is no appeal. All sections of all proficiencies are required.


You’ll be introduced to the Portfolio project in Step 1 and Step 2 (UTS 101 and UTS 110). You'll add documents and ideas to the portfolio every semester, building toward the preliminary portfolio as you go through both UTeach and content courses. 


When can I start on the portfolio?

Now. Every student in UTeach has access to the portfolio. Starting with Step 1, upload all documents to the portfolio site

When do I need to complete the portfolio?

A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is one of the prerequisites for admission to Apprentice Teaching (EDC 651S and UTS 170). While UTeach students have access to the web-based portfolio system and build the portfolio throughout all courses in the program, the preliminary portfolio must be submitted by the due date in the semester prior to Apprentice Teaching. Students will be given permission to register for EDC 651S and UTS 170 before the scores are finalized. These courses are audited after the due date and students without a passing score will be dropped. This means that students must delay their student teaching by at least one semester if they do not meet this deadline. Extensions are not available for this prerequisite.

What if I miss the deadline? Can I get an extension?

Given the importance of the prerequisite, there are no extensions.

What if I can’t log in?

If you can’t get into the system, send an email to the Portfolio Coordinator. Include your EID and which area you’re certifying in, like math, science, etc.

I can log in, but I have the wrong portfolio. How do I get the right one?

Send an email to the Portfolio Coordinator with your EID. The correct preliminary portfolio for all students is "Preliminary Portfolio V3 2017."

Who evaluates my portfolio?

A trained evaluator with classroom experience in the content area.

How is the portfolio scored?

For the preliminary portfolio, you need 1 point per subsection. The following rubric is used:

  • Unsatisfactory = 0 points
  • Beginning Competent = 1 point        
  • Competent = 2 or 3 points
  • Advanced Competent = 4 points

The complete rubric goes into detail about the requirements for each point value.

How much will I have to add to my final portfolio?

The final portfolio, produced during the Apprentice Teaching semester, further develops the skills of the preliminary portfolio. Requirements for the final portfolio are more extensive than for the preliminary portfolio and there is an expectation of greater depth, maturity, and competence at this level, as students are preparing to launch their professional careers. You will receive separate instructions in your Apprentice Teaching semester.

Can I use a piece of evidence, like a lesson plan, for more than one proficiency?

Yes. Be sure to guide the evaluator to the relevant sections of the artifact for each proficiency. In fact, it’s best to re-save the document with a clearly relevant title. In each one, highlight the sections that pertain to the specific proficiency.

Do I need an artifact for each proficiency?

Yes. Even if you use a single lesson plan more than once, you definitely want to include an artifact of some kind to illustrate major points in all of your reflections. Make it easy for the evaluator to see how the artifact is related to the proficiency. Highlight or bold specific sections. Renaming the document helps, too.

My old computer crashed and I don’t have my files. What do I do?

Since there are no extensions for the preliminary portfolio, it’s best if you have been uploading documents all along. That way, you don’t depend on a specific computer. If you no longer have copies of lesson plans, start contacting the students you were partnered with to see if they still have copies. Some instructors keep documents from previous semesters, but some don't. If you submitted documents through Canvas, you may be able to retrieve them. Basically, budget time for retrieving files.

Do I have to turn everything into an electronic document?

Yes, all documents used for evidence must be in a format, like a PDF, that can be uploaded into the portfolio system. The copier in the Student Workroom can be used to scan documents, turning them into PDFs that you then email to yourself. Feel free to ask for help if you need it. Scanners are also available in libraries across campus.

Where can I archive my documents?

All UT students, faculty, and staff have access to UTBox for free backup and storage. The portfolio system also has room to store artifacts (log in and drop down the “My Home” menu). Do not upload raw, unedited video to the portfolio system. You will use up all your space.

What if I need more than 50 documents for my portfolio?

Be selective. However, if you feel that you need more than 50 documents, contact the Portfolio Coordinator with your request. Space will not be allocated for unedited videos. Upload only compressed, web-ready video.

How do I know if my portfolio has been evaluated or needs revisions? 

You must log in periodically to check the status of your portfolio. This is your responsibility. The icons will tell you where your portfolio is in the process of evaluation. If you see the “needs revision” icon, get in there and revise according to the evaluator’s comments.

Where can I get help with revisions?

All faculty are aware of the portfolio and its requirements and are available to help with revisions. Feel free to talk to them whether you're still in their course or not. 

What about registering for Apprentice Teaching?

Students register for EDC 651S and UTS 170 during their regular registration access period provided they have met all other requirements. You will receive an email from the Apprentice Teacher coordinator, Pamela Powell. Follow all instructions in the email carefully. An audit is run before registration access opens again. Students registered for the Apprentice Teaching courses who have not submitted a portfolio or who have not completed revisions are dropped.

How do I get started on the portfolio?

Log in and start uploading documents.