Student Employment Forms

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UTeach Student Employment Forms

Welcome to the employment community at The University of Texas at Austin! If this is your first UTeach internship then there are several steps you need to take as you begin working as a student employee. Here’s a checklist to help you.

IMPORTANT: In order to be placed in a UTeach internship and/or a UTeach Outreach internship, you must follow these steps for employment.

Step 1. Request your internship on the UTeach Internship home page

Step 2. In Person (@ UTeach Office - PAI 4.02)

Introduce yourself to UTeach’s Human Resources representative, Katalin Waldman, in order for your assignment to be processed correctly and for you to be paid on time. Please contact Katalin Waldman by email at to request an appointment to complete the following hiring forms in her office.

During your appointment: 

  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. You must complete the electronic I-9 no later than your first workday. You are required to present original documents from the List of Acceptable Documents.
  • Criminal Background Check Request Form. You will receive an email requesting electronic authorization to conduct a background check. If you have not received the email or completed the background check request, please contact your hiring department.

Step 3. Internship Orientation 

  • If you are a BRAND NEW UTeach intern, you will need to set up an appointment to meet with a UTeach peer mentor and review the internship policies and procedures.  Peer Mentor office hours can be found at:
  • You will need to sign the UTeach Internship Orientation Form  and submit it via email to the Internship Coordinator. This is required before you will be placed in an internship.

Step 4. Online Forms

You must complete these forms online:

Step 5: Wait for your placement email and then begin work



You are responsible for picking up timesheets (outside the main UTeach office), having them signed by the site supervisor, and turning them in at the appropriate time. The due dates are posted on this site and a paper copy of the dates is available for pick up at the UTeach office (PAI 4.02).

Late time sheets will only be accepted for one past pay period. Repeatedly turning in late timesheets is grounds for internship termination. 

Students using a work-study award must contact the Internship Coordinator directly to review work study guidelines.

As an intern, it is your responsibility to ensure that the hours you are reporting are accurate and that only your site supervisor or an authorized representative signs your timesheet.  Compliance with payroll policies is critical. Any errors or falsification may be investigated by the University as well as law enforcement.

Timesheet instructions and sample (pdf) 

*Please see the link below for payroll due dates.