Degree-holder Advising

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Degree-holder Advising and Registration

This page is intended for currently-enrolled UTeach students who started the program as degree-holders. There is a page specifically for undergraduates as well.


To make an advising appointment, call 512 232 2770 or come by the UTeach office, PAI 4.02. 


Degree-holders usually register last. To increase the chances of getting seats in the sections you need, follow these steps:

  • As soon as the course schedule comes out, about 2 weeks before registration access opens, plan out your ideal schedule and your less-than-ideal schedule. 
  • Make an appointment for advising. Call 512 232 2770 or come by PAI 4.02. 

A seat can be held for you in UTeach courses (UTS, EDC, HIS 329U, M 315C, and Research Methods). The UTeach advisor works with departmental enrollment managers for all other courses, such as BIO 370 or M 325K. 

Send this list before registration access opens.

Advance notice gives us the most options.