Cedars International Next Generation High School

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Cedars International Next Generation High School (CINGHS) is a 100% PBL STE(A)M Academy.

We are seeking interns who will mentor and tutor high school students who need extra support while completing STEAM PBL projects and while preparing for high stakes state assessments. We are looking for interns with Alg1, Geom, Pre Calculus as well as Biology, Chemistry. Ideally, we would like to host two UTeach Math Interns and one UTeach Science Intern interested in Project Based Learning.

Mentoring program: UTeach interns will meet weekly in small groups or one-on-one with students who need extra support while completing PBL STEM projects.  Interns will work with experienced teachers to help students complete tasks such as unpacking project rubrics, completing project scaffolding, and applying STEM content knowledge to develop products.

STAAR Preparation program: UTeach interns will work with experienced Science and Math teachers to develop and facilitate hands-on, engaging lessons that can help prepare students for the STAAR tests (Algebra 1 or Biology).  Lessons will be facilitated after school for 2 hours weekly during the months leading up to the STAAR exams.

Each intern will be assigned a mentor teacher who is an experienced PBL facilitator.  Mentor teachers will help interns understand targeted STEM content and student-centered strategies for teaching these content.

Desired Qualities: 

Compassionate, VERY patient and positive,  great work ethic, deep knowledge/passion for STEM content, favors student-centered strategies for teaching & learning and sympathetic with students who have academic gaps and or learning disabilities. Being passionate about Project Based Learning is a strong component and a plus.

Days and Times: 

Monday- Friday 8:30- 5:15 

Hours Per Week: 
up to 20 - flexible based on your schedule
6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin TX 78652
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Steven Zipkes
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