UT Online High School Tutors

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Job Benefits for UTeach Students:

This position offers an opportunity to:

  1. provide academic guidance to high school students in an online learning environment;
  2. monitor academic progress following a Personal Graduation Plan, state graduation requirements, and state assessments;
  3. support all levels of learners, those who need direct  academic support (especially in higher-level math and science courses) as well as those who excel academically; and
  4. mentor college-bound seniors.

    Key Job Tasks Include:

  1. monitor student progress in completing courses and meeting graduation requirements;  
  2. assist students with their online courses;
  3. provide students with academic support in high school math and science course content;  
  4.  conduct research when curriculum questions arise;
  5. consult with subject experts and   course instructors; and
  6. communicate with high school students from Texas and other states and countries as well as work with partner schools in China and Vietnam.
Desired Qualities: 

We seek individuals interested in working with high school students in person and via Skype (students live all over Texas, the US, and internationally.) We want students who want to mentor high school students in a non-traditional school environment by helping them achieve academically and providing guidance for students seeking a post-secondary education.  Interns for this position should have strong communication skills.


Days and Times: 

 up to 19 hours /week, flexible schedule (work can be done around student’s course schedule)


Hours Per Week: 
~19 hours/week, flexible schedule
UT Development Building, 2901 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78722
Contact Name: 
Eric Fredrickson
Contact Title: 
Assistant Principal
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: