How Long Does Certification Take?

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How long until I'm certified?

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The UTeach program is comprised of courses in our UTeach professional development sequence and courses in the area you intend to certify in, like math or science. Almost all students take a combination of UTeach courses and content classes each semester they are in the program.

UTeach Courses

All students take the courses in our professional development sequence. That sequence takes a minimum of 4 semesters (fall and spring).

  • Semester 1: Step 1, Step 2, Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science
  • Semester 2: Classroom Interactions, Research Methods
  • Semester 3: Project Based Instruction, Perspectives
  • Semester 4: Apprentice Teaching, Apprentice Teaching Seminar

Content Courses

Most students also take at least some content coursework while they are in our program. How much content coursework you need depends on your own undergraduate education. Do you want to certify in math? How much math have you had? Do you want to certify in science? How many science courses did you take as an undergraduate?

The final decision about which content courses you need to take will be made by a faculty member in the discipline. This faculty member will review your transcript and generate a list of required courses. Talk to your UTeach advisor for details.

Estimating the Number of Semesters Needed

To estimate how many content courses you will need, follow these 2 steps.

  1. Match your transcript against the content requirements. For example, if you majored in biology, did your degree include plant biology? Evolution? If not, you will need to take these courses. To find the list of requirements, go to the Certifications page and click on the area you want to certify in.
  2. Then think about how many hours you might take in a given semester: 6 hours? 12 hours? The more hours you can take in a semester, the fewer semesters you need to complete the program. Here at UT Austin, the first digit in the course number tells you how many credit hours. For example, BIO 325 meets 3 hours per week, while BIO 205L meets 2 hours per week.

UTeach Accelerate

UTeach Accelerate, new starting fall 2019, requires 2 semesters of coursework, followed by either a 1- or 2-semester student teaching experience. See the UTeach Accelerate page for details.