Jane Sanford Beasley

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Jane Sanford Beasley Scholarship

"Teachers have a powerful impact on the future.  They model images of  living and learning their students carry for a lifetime."   
--Jane Sanford Beasley

The scholarship application is now open for Spring 2020.  It will close on February 14th. 


The donors have limited the scholarship to first-time degree seekers. For degree-holders, as long as you meet the other eligibilty requirements, you are eligible for the Noyce and the AISD Future Teacher scholarships. Some College of Education scholarships are also available to degree-holders. For all CofED scholarships, there's one application

About the Jane Sanford Beasley Scholarship

The scholarship honors Jane Sanford Beasley, a long-time and beloved Texas teacher.


The award amount is $2,000.00


All current UTeach Natural Sciences undergraduate, including non-citizens, who meet the criteria below are encouraged to apply.

  • seeking first undergraduate degree
  • 30 hours (in-residence + transfer) 
  • 2.5 GPA
  • non-citizens and citizens

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, a brief essay and input from the faculty. While you are welcome to talk to faculty about your application, you do not need to ask for recommendations. Faculty log into the scholarship site and have the opportunity to provide input about an applicant. All eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply, regardless of previous award status. Faculty review current applications only and do not have access to any previous applications.


The application is web-based. After the application closes to students, it is opened to faculty who provide their input. 

Students receiving the award are notified through a Secure Academic Note. Please make sure the email address the University has on file is correct.

The most common error when trying to submit an application for this scholarship is the use of commas or periods when entering numbers in the Financial Information section.


In order for the funds to be released, recipients must turn in a thank you note to Jane Sanford Beasley. Guideliness will be included in the award notification.