Kodosky Foundation

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Kodosky Foundation Scholarship

About the Kodosky Foundation Scholarship

Through a generous gift from the Kodosky Foundation, we are pleased to offer up to a $1000 scholarship to physics majors who explore the possibility of becoming high school and middle school teachers. This scholarship is available to undergraduate physics majors who take the first two courses in the UTeach sequence, UTS 101 and UTS 110 (Step I and Step II). The hope is that these students will continue on to obtain certification through UTeach, but should do so only if it is right for them. There is no further obligation.


Students chosen for this scholarship will be awarded

  • $500 at the completion of Step 1 with a B or better.
  • $500 at the completion of Step 2 with a B or better.


  • Declared undergraduate physics major
  • Currently registered for either UTS 101 or UTS 110

Retroactive scholarships are not available. The scholarship is not available to degree-holders.


Eligible students will recieve an email with a link to the online application by the 2nd week of November for fall applications and by the 2nd week of April for spring applications.


  • Fall semesters: Applications are accepted starting the second week of November through November 30th.
  • Spring semesters: Applications are accepted starting the second week of April through April 30th.
  • If the deadline falls on the weekend, applications will be accepted the next business day.

Go to https://apps.uteach.utexas.edu/  to apply!


Students receiving the award are notified through a Secure Academic Note (SAN) during September for Fall awards and during February for Spring awards.  Please make sure the email address the University has on file is correct.  Only students selected for an award will be notified.