Noyce Fellowship

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Noyce Funding Has Ended

Noyce funding for the UTeach program has ended. No new scholarships will be awarded.

Reminder for Past Recipients--Conditions of the Award

Teaching Obligation:  Noyce recipients commit to teaching in a high need public school district. For every semester awarded, recipients must teach one year. If the teaching obligation is not met, the scholarship must be repaid. Noyce Fellows have 6 years to meet the teaching obligation after completing the Student Teaching semester. A high need school district meets one of the following definitions:

  1. A district with at least one school
    • In which 50% or more of enrolled students are eligible for free and reduced lunch subsidies, or
    • That otherwise is eligible, without receipt of a waiver, to operate as a school wide program under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
  2. A district that has at least one school where
    • More than 34% of academic classroom teachers overall (across all academic subjects) do not have a major, minor, or significant course work in their main assignment field; or
    • More than 34% of the main assignment faculty in two of the core-subject departments do not have a major, minor, or significant course work in their main assignment field.
  3. A school district that serves a school whose attrition rate among classroom teachers was 15% or more in the last three school years.

In April of each academic year, Noyce Fellows will receive an email from the UTeach program asking them to provide documentation of their teaching. Fellows who have met their teaching obligation or paid back the Noyce funds will receive a letter indicating their status with the program. Fellows may also download the verification form and return it to the UTeach office. Please feel free to address any questions to the Noyce Coordinator, Brett Westbrook. Please keep your contact information up-to-date on the UTeach alumni directory.