UTeach Accelerate

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Prepare to teach secondary STEM through a NEW, streamlined UTeach program, UTeach Accelerate.

UTeach Accelerate prepares candidates for secondary STEM teaching in as little as one year of coursework, followed by a student teaching experience. The program is based on UTeach’s proven approach and combines streamlined coursework with intensive coaching and support. Through a clinically-intensive program, candidates learn from expert UTeach faculty and master teachers how to engage ALL learners in STEM though inquiry- and project-based learning.

Highly qualified candidates will be recommended for a full-time paid teaching position beginning after coursework, leading to a full certificate after an additional year. During this first year of teaching, successful candidates will be paid as a full-time teacher of record and continue to receive intensive UTeach support while preparing to become fully certified. All candidates also have the option of remaining on campus an additional semester to complete student teaching and become fully certified.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2020! Need more information? Complete our interest form and we'll be in touch!

Several financial supports are available for students enrolling in UTeach Accelerate:

  • Scholarships of $10,000+ for selected candidates to cover tuition and other expenses
  • Paid internships through the UTeach Internship Program
  • Candidates may also qualify for other UTeach scholarships
  • The UTeach Accelerate pathway may be eligible for GI Bill and Hazlewood benefits. Contact Student Veteran Services for more information.



Candidates must have: 

  • Degree awarded by the end of the second program semester or before
  • STEM major/degree or sufficient hours in a STEM field to meet program content requirements
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA


  • Scholarship recipients must be U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.


  • Submit online application to UTeach, which includes:
    • Two essay questions
    • One letter of recommendation
    • Current resume
    • Unofficial transcript(s)
  • Qualifying applicants will be invited to participate in an in-person interview process in mid- to late May. 

International Students

International students apply through the Graduate and International Admission Center and must meet all University of Texas at Austin application deadlines. 


Decisions are made as quickly as possible after the interview. 

  • Current UT students are notified as soon as decisions are made, usually in early June.
  • Non-UT students are notified once the University makes admissions decisions.

Students who are denied admission to UTeach who still want to apply to the University of Texas must submit an application to the University.

  • Former UT students have until July 1 to apply for the Fall 2019 semester.
  • Transfer students
    • for Fall 2019 admission, submit a late appeal with the paper application.
    • for Spring 2020 admission, apply through Apply Texas by October 1.

Required Coursework

Please note: Time and dates below may be updated as necessary. The University's Course Schedule for Fall 2019 is currently available. A UT EID is required for access.

Fall 2019

  • UTS 211 (45875) — Secondary Teacher Education Prep: Advanced Steps
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 5PM - 6PM
    • Fridays - 15 total hours of field based experiences
  • EDC 365C (09376) — Knowing and Learning in Science and Mathematics
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 6PM - 7:30PM
  • HIS 329U (38175) — Perspectives on Math and Science
    • M/W/F 3:00PM - 4PM and M 4:00PM - 5:00PM
  • M 315C (52720) — Foundations, Functions, and Regression Models (Math students only) 
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30AM - 11AM

Spring 2020

  • EDC 665 – Classroom Interactions & Project Based Instruction
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 1PM - 5PM
    • Monday - Friday 23.5 total hours of field based experiences
  • Research Methods – one of the following
    • Tuesday/Thursday 9AM - 11AM, one of the following
      • BIO 337-2
      • CH 368-1
      • PHY 341-7 

Summer 2020 (If needed)

  • M 315C — Foundations, Functions, and Regression Models (Math students only) 
    • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri, 1PM - 2:30PM
  • HIS 329U -- Perspectives on Math and Science
    • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri, 2:30PM - 4PM
  • Content as needed to meet State standards

Semesters 3 and 4

Students participate in either in a 1-semester Apprentice Teaching experience (unpaid) or in a 2-semester paid, intern experience. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and is contingent on placement availability in local school districts.

NOTE: Students certifying in Math/Physical Science/Engineering also take M 333L (Structure of Modern Geometry).