Chapter VI: Recommendation for Certification

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Certification Requirements in Texas

  • apply to SBEC
  • complete an undergraduate degree
  • complete an approved certification program
  • pass both required exams
  • complete the required fingerprinting process. Some students may have already completed this process. Check with your Apprentice Teacher seminar instructor if you have questions.

Certification Process

As soon as grades are posted, UTeach provides program completion documentation to the University’s Certification Officer. The Certification Officer checks the list above and recommends students for certification if all of the requirements are met.

Documentation is not sent if:

  • you are registered for courses after your student teaching semester
  • you are missing degree requirements
  • you have not applied to graduate

Undergraduates: Degrees must become official before you can be recommended for certification.

Degree-holders: You can be recommended for certification as soon as grades post.

Where’s My Certification?

Wondering where your certification is? Here are some possibilities:


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