Chapter VIII: Complaints/Grievances

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To raise a concern or file a complaint

You have the right to raise a concern or lodge a complaint and to seek redress in areas where you feel that the program did not fulfill requirements for certification or for actions that you feel are wrong. To raise a concern or file a complaint:

  1.  Contact UTeach Natural Sciences Associate Director Dr. Mark Daniels, or call 512-232-2770 to schedule an appointment.
  2. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction and you want to speak with someone else, contact UTeach Natural Sciences Executive Director Dr. Michael Marder, or call 512-232-2770 to schedule an appointment.

All conferences are confidential.

When students make an appointment, we always ask them what it's about so that we can make sure you see the most appropriate person. However, you DO NOT have to disclose that you have a complaint. Just say that the matter is confidential and you not be asked for further information.

Student Ombudsman

The University of Texas at Austin Student Ombudsman is also a resource:

Texas Education Agency

While we always hope that our students feel that they can come to anyone on the UTeach staff to discuss concerns, you should know that you DO NOT have to go through UTeach or the Student Ombudsman first. You have the right to file a complaint directly with TEA. 


Please feel free to make use of the electronic UTeach Suggestion Box. (

We also have an analog version, a real box, on the table just outside the Workroom, PAI 4.12. Only the UTeach Co-Directors, Dr. Michael Marder (CNS) and Dr. Larry Abraham (College of Education) read suggestions left by our students.