Certifications and Degrees

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Certifications and Degrees

UTeach allows you to complete a rigorous degree in any field and qualify to teach middle or high school in a STEM field. Take a look at the side bar for certification areas.

Undergraduate students interested in teaching secondary STEM fields have two options with UTeach:

If you already hold an undergraduate degree, visit the Degree Holders section for information about applying to the UTeach program. Required certification course work for degree-holders is the same as for undergraduate students.

To complete the UTeach program:

  • Choose a certification area and take the required content courses to qualify for that certification. If you are majoring in a STEM field, courses for certification may overlap with courses required for your degree. Your advisor can tell you which ones.
  • Take the courses in the UTeach professional development sequence, which includes a semester of Apprentice Teaching.
  • Build a portfolio with reflections and samples of your work from every UTeach course.
  • Successfully complete a student teaching semester.


UTeach is designed to give both undergraduate students and degree holders the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a hands-on way. In the very first semester, students work in pairs to develop and teach lessons in a local classroom. Learn more about early field experiences in UTeach.

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Schedule a phone or Zoom appointment with a UTeach advisor here.