Prospective UTeach Students

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UTeach is designed to give both undergraduate students and degree holders the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a hands-on way. In your very first semester in the program, you will have the opportunity to develop and teach a lesson in a local classroom. Learn more about early field experiences in UTeach.

Learn more about the program by reading through the links in the sidebar or by speaking with a UTeach advisor. Call 512-232-2770 to set up an appointment.

Which Scenario Best Fits You?

Read through the information below and see which best describes your situation.

Undergraduate UT students

UTeach provides flexible entry points no matter how far along you may be in your degree plan. You can major in the Teaching Option in biology, chemistry, computer sciences, mathematics, physics, or geological science (requires admission to the Jackson School of Geological Sciences). Or you can pursue any major at the University of Texas and complete requirements for certification.

You do not have to be enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences or major in the Teaching Option to pursue a certification through our program; there are several ways that you can work the required courses into your current degree plan in any college.

For more information about the courses you would take, visit the Certifications and Degrees section. For answers to common questions see the Undergraduate FAQ.

Austin High School students, under the watchful eye of PBI TA Todd Hutner, on a field trip during a PBI lesson.

Community College transfer students

Transfer students interested in teacher certification in STEM fields at the middle school or high school level should select the College of Natural Sciences when applying. For more information, set up an appointment with a UTeach advisor by calling 512-232-2770.

Degree holders

UTeach offers anyone with a bachelor’s degree the opportunity to complete requirements for certification in middle school or high school STEM fields. Even though your undergraduate degree doesn’t have to be in a STEM field, you do need 15 credit hours in math or science for UTeach to be able to admit you. If you did earn your degree in a STEM field, you may be able to earn certification in as few as three semesters. Visit the Degree Holders page for more information or set up an appointment with a UTeach advisor by calling 512-232-2770.

Program Calendar

UTeach does not follow a traditional "cohort" model of educator preparation, where students are admitted as a group and move through the program as a group. Instead, current UT Austin students are welcome to sign up for UTS 101 (Step 1) and try out teaching. If you decide to continue with the program, you keep taking the required courses at the pace that works for you. Meet with an advisor to plan out your next steps. Call 512 232 2770 to make an appointment.

Degree-holders move through the program in the same way -- at their own pace. UTeach accepts applications for both the fall and spring semesters. Details about applying are available on our degree-holder page.

All students complete all of the required courses -- UTeach classes and content classes (math, chemistry, biology, etc.) -- before Apprentice Teaching. That way, you're ready to focus on that all-important student teaching semester and you're prepared to take the required TExES exams. UTeach faculty, advisors, and staff are there to help you all along the way to certification.