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UTeach Scholarships

Available Scholarships

The UTeach program encourages all eligible students to apply.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Unless stated otherwise, all requirements must be met through in-residence hours at the University of Texas at Austin, including, but not limited to number of hours required for the award period and GPA. Eligibility requirements vary by scholarship. Details are listed in the description for each scholarship.

Scholarship Distribution and Award Impact

All scholarships awarded by UTeach are processed after the 1st class day at the earliest. We want to get funds to you quickly, but we also must comply with federal, state, and University regulations, as well as donor agreements. 

All funds go through Office of Financial Aid, even for students who do not receive financial aid. If you do not receive financial aid, you can help speed up distribution by filling out a FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Keep all directory and direct deposit information up-to-date so the funds go to the right place. 

Where the funds go after paperwork leaves the UTeach office depends on several variables and varies by student.Here's how the Office of Financial Aid describes the process of Receiving Your UT Scholarships. The best place to start looking for the award is the Check Aid Status Here page.  Make sure to set the month and year correctly for your search. Is your address up to date? Is your direct deposit information correct?

Any award could have an impact on your current aid package. Open your CASH page and take a look at your aid notifications. Subsidized loans, for example, are paid off with scholarship funds. This means less debt when you graduate. The scholarship will also replace need-based awards because you no longer have that need. In addition, these changes take place in a series of steps. You might see a debt, for example, but then once the funds are released, that debt will be taken care of. Watch your notification page over at least a 24-48-hour period and look for changes. The Financial Aid Office must comply with federal regulations concerning all scholarships and awards. Any changes you see are in accordance with those requirements.

If you've checked your CASH page, and still can't find what you're looking for, contact the Office of Financial Aid directly.

You can also call Student Accounts Receivable for details. Their number is 512-475-7777 and their website is here:

The AISD scholarship will always be distributed late in the semester. Do not count on these funds to pay tuition.

UTeach does not have direct access to these funds and we cannot predict when the funding will arrive in the Financial Aid office. If you receive financial aid, talk to the Office of Financial Aid about payment options, including a tuition loan.

College of Education Scholarships

The application for the 2019-2020 academic year has closed.

Eligible UTeach Natural Sciences students are welcome to apply for College of Education Scholarships. Students complete a single application and then Scholarship Committee matches awards to students based on eligibility. A few of these are available to degree-holders!  Please apply! Firefox seems to be working best for the application, but it opens across browsers and platforms.

ESSAY PROMPT: Type here an 800-word essay describing why you wish to be a secondary school mathematics, science, or engineering teacher.  Discuss why you think you are deserving of a scholarship.  Mention activities that demonstrate your abilities or potential for success as a math or science teacher. Please note: Only PDF files can be uploaded.

Discontinued Scholarships

Past recipients of these scholarships may have obligations to fulfill as terms of accepting the funds. If you have questions, please contact UTeach at

  • Engineering
  • Hartman Foundation
  • Noyce Fellowship